"If I had been there 5 minutes earlier, I could have saved that calf. These cameras would have paid for themselves."

– Booth visitor at National Western Stock Show

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Eagle 4G Camera

Eagle 4G Camera

4G Surveillance Camera with Pan, Tilt & Zoom

Eagle’s 4G technology has you covered anytime and anywhere - where there’s no power or WiFi connection - where safety and surveillance are needed the most.

  • 4G LTE Certified for greater safety and security.
  • Solar Power with Battery Backup - no electrical wires!
  • Low Power - up to 14 days without direct sun.
  • Full-Color HD video, 120° view angle - less blind spots.
  • Up to 100 ft motion detection - get alerts on motion. 
  • Built-in Mic and Speaker for two-way communication. 
  • Weather Resistant - works hot or cold (140°F to -22°F).
  • Anywhere.Cam mobile app to watch on your phone
  • Cloud Storage to save & share videos easily.
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      Save Time & Money

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      Easy to Install

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      No Power? No WiFi? No Problem!

    Buy Camera + Monthly Plan

    This package includes everything you need for remote surveillance: a solar powered 4G camera, data plan and cloud storage.
    $297 due up front
    Data Plan & Cloud Storage:
    $24.95 per month
    $1 for the first month
    • No annual contract; Cancel any time
    • Data and storage plan renews at $24.95 per month
    • 1 year warranty
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    You've got questions. We've got answers.

    Are there other mounts available for the cameras?

    Yes. Please visit the accessories page of our website.

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, there are many other mounts available on the internet that might fit your needs. Just make sure to match the screw pattern on the mount with the camera you purchased.

    Does the Eagle camera automatically rotate to track the movement of things it has detected?

    No. However, if you receive a notification that your camera has detected movement, you can go into the app and manually control the camera to track things in real time.

    What if I don’t have cell service in my area?

    These days, most places in the US have at least a little bit of cellular service. When you order a camera from us, we use special software to determine which cellular provider has service in your area. We pre-load your camera with the optimal SIM card to use the best available cellular signal in your location.