Outdoor Surveillance Cameras For Storage Facilities

The only security cameras you’ll need to surveil your storage facilities.

Why Do Facility Managers Love AnywhereCams?

The Hawk provides good overall surveillance of the entire area, while the Eagle focuses on specific areas in real-time.

If evidence is needed, quickly recover footage on Android or iOS with the Anywhere.cam app.

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    IP65 Waterproof

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    Solar powered

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    PTZ Tilt Angle

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    Night vision

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    Alert message

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    1080P Resolution

  • Tario S

    I like that we can now monitor and get notifications from our phones and don't need anyone on-site to look at or review the footage from this remote security camera. We can review and see what's going on anywhere we have phone service.

  • Robert H

    I installed it in less than 10 minutes in a warehouse area, with over 180 degrees of visibility, from the entrance to the main entrance to the far right of the warehouse.

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