Install Your Owl Doorbell Camera

Get your Owl Doorbell Camera installed in no time by following either the video guide or the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Unpack the camera and all of its components from the box. Make sure you have the camera unit, mounting hardware, and user manual.
  2. To install your camera, start by charging the 18650 batteries for at least 7 hours using a 1A USB charger (not included).

NOTE: If your doorbell captures an excessive number of events every day, this can quickly drain the batteries.

Additionally, using the Live View feature to check or speak through your doorbell will also use battery power. To extend battery life, adjust your motion settings to lower sensitivity and reduce unnecessary events.

Step 2: Sync the AnywhereCam app

  1. Download the AnywhereCam app (available for iOS and Android) and create an account.
  2. Open the AnywhereCam app and make sure you're on the home screen. At the top right corner of the home screen, tap the purple and white + sign. Then select the camera.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to grant the app access to your camera phone.
    For a step-by-step guide on how to set up your camera please visit Set Up Your Owl Doorbell Camera

  4. Adjust the settings to your preferences, including motion detection and alert settings.

    Learn how to customize the notifications to your liking and make the most of your Owl doorbell camera with our recommended settings.

  5. Wait until the LED light on the face of the camera is blinking or solid blue. This process can take a few minutes.

  6. Find the name of your WiFi network. Enter your WiFi password and tap to confirm.

  7. Once the doorbell has connected to your WiFi, tap Done. Setup is complete. Give it a try and go see the Live preview.

Indicator Status:

  • Flashing BLUE: The device is waiting to begin pairing.
  • Constant RED: The WiFi connection has failed.
  • Alternating between BLUE and RED: The WiFi has been disconnected.

Step 3: Installing the Camera

  1. Start by removing the back bracket from the camera.

  2. Choose the best location to mount the camera making sure there are no visual or physical obstructions. We recommend selecting a position that is not below shoulder height.

    Check the live preview on the camera to find the best height.

  3. Use the 2 mounting screws provided to attach the back bracket securely to your wall or door. You may need some small hand tools and do some minimal drilling.

    If you're not comfortable drilling, contact us for assistance with installation or to connect you with a professional installer. Alternatively, you can use double-sided tape to attach the back bracket.

  4. Once the back bracket is securely mounted, fit the camera into the bracket and use the provided security screw to secure it in place.

  5. Open the AnywhereCam app on your phone or tablet to access the live feed and recorded footage from the camera.

    You can purchase cloud storage options within the app, which offer 14 or 30 days of recorded footage storage.

  6. Finally, set up your wireless chime (if you have one). For a step-by-step guide on how to set up your wireless chime please visit How to Setup Your Wireless Chime.

    The wireless chime is optional. If it isn’t installed, doorbell notifications will go directly to the AnywhereCam app.
You're now ready to start monitoring your front door!

Make sure to read the user manual before installing and using the product.

Always follow the safety precautions and guidelines when installing the camera.

If you have any questions or need assistance with installation, please contact our customer support team