I love the fact that these waterproof surveillance cameras don't need any direct electricity, the sun powers them indefinitely. Also, they don't require wifi or Internet. If you have a phone signal at your location, these 4G security cameras will operate and maintain surveillance for you. It's like having a 24-hour security guard at your disposal.

The ability to adjust the camera angles and the zoom is awesome on these cameras. The microphone also is a great option to be able to communicate from my phone.

I like that I can monitor my property instantly once the alert notification goes off, I can record the activity and determine if there is a threat. We had them installed at corner locations of my construction warehouse to monitor any trespassers. The team installed them in a couple of hours.

They're the best outdoor cameras. We have Vivint at the house. The sensitivity settings are tricky to nail down, for example, blowing branches set off motion detectors, compared to actual human or animal movement. The settings on Anywhere.cam are much easier to dial in.

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