"Criminals often target remote areas due to their vulnerability. Our solar-powered, 4G cellular cameras empower communities to protect places that were previously overlooked."

– Mike Blecha, Founder & CEO

Why a Community Camera Program?

This program empowers citizens to notify local law enforcement about their surveillance cameras. If a crime occurs, police check the camera registry to identify potential footage of the incident.

Law enforcement can then request permission from camera owners to review the footage, aiding in crime investigation.

Community Partnerships with AnywhereCam

Does your local police department partner with AnywhereCam to make surveillance cameras more affordable?

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    Local Government Discounts

    Many governments and police departments offer discounts when you register AnywhereCam products.

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    Check with Your Local Police

    Contact your local police department to see if they have partnered with AnywhereCam.

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    Encourage Partnership

    Share this page with your police department to explore partnership opportunities.

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